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The sex life of Maria 43 and her best weekend ever with 2 guys !

Maria is a woman in her forties, a super hot stay-at-home mother who does not really have so much time to have fun. One weekend she decides to go to her friends in the suburbs. These two guys are longtime friends. She is immediately very well received by both men. It must be said that she still has nice super-horny shapes. After a few drinks, the atmosphere between the three friends slips to one of sexual adventure and all that can be recorded on home sex tapes !

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None of the three partners expected the day to take this turn. The sexual current is immediately passed between Maria and the blonde. This guy is very beautiful, younger than her, the guy has always appreciated her body that has everything of a goddess. While the other man looks at them with desire, the couple is already plotting on the couch. The guy raises his skirt and hurries to introduce his hand. The woman is no longer embarrassed by what is happening. She's even too excited that she dominates the guy. The beautiful Maria abruptly strips and rides her partner. Very enthusiastic, the second partner takes his cam and films the whole scene and makes it a homemade threesome. Seeing her big nibars mom, the second guy comes up from behind and plays with these huge breasts while she is still riding his friend with passion. In an unbridled tigress, she has no restraint.

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She has not yet finished being fucked by the other guy she is already turning on the second. Still astride above her blond friend, she turns her back to suck the other guy on the other side. A simultaneous filling and a blowjob, Maria is in effervescence and is ready to explode. The three friends slip on the floor and it is there that the two guys operate a double penetration on their old girlfriend. In sandwich with these guys the beautiful can not move and remains paralyzed by this big climb of pleasure that invades. The guys enjoy in their respective hole at the end.

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